Benefits of antimicrobial surface coatings

Benefits of antimicrobial surface coatings

Germs are everywhere. Have you ever wondered that why in every cleaning detergent ad and, in every soap ad, the content says that the cleaning detergent and the soap can clear 99.99 percent of the germs and why not all? Because it is not guaranteed that all germs will die. There are some germs who survive when they are exposed to extreme temperatures, extreme pressures and some have even been sent to space and they literally survived.

This phenomenon is amazing because scientists can learn how they survive and add such features in the human body in the future and this is dangerous as well, because if such germ attacks us, what will be the consequences. To make ourselves protected from such things, it is suggested that antimicrobial surface coatings should be used.

This was first used in research labs and the results were amazing and more germs and bacteria were not seen after using this tech and now people use it in homes specially in bathrooms and latest kitchen designs in Dubai. Since it is a new thing, there are people who are have a lot of misconception about it and that is why we are here to explain its benefits, keep reading to learn more. The first benefit is that it is more effective and has a long-lasting effect as compared to getting your house sprayed. It will protect your house against molds, bacteria, germs and fungi spread. For some people who think that it will have a bad smell, well, the technology has advanced now. And now, you can find antimicrobial surface coatings without any smell and you can also find these in different fragrances as well.

Even if your house had some germ build up, after this coating, they will have a hard time surviving. Some people say that it will affect the color and paint of the house, well, it will not and it will also keep the house free from moist. The best part is that it is much cheaper as compared to getting monthly spray in the house. As it is long-lasting, you might need to get an antimicrobial surface coating after a year or two. And secondly, it is much more in demand which also means that with the passage of time, there will be more and more companies opening with much advanced surface coatings.

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