Do you really need a food stylist?

I frequently get asked, “For what reason do we require a food stylist?” A food stylist is to food photography, what a model, style originator, cosmetics craftsman as well as hair specialist is to mold photography: so, without the food stylist, there is either nothing to shoot, or a subject that could be unfathomably improved.

Why would that be?

Indeed, the food stylist assumes a vital part in the photograph shoot – everything from purchasing some goods, to preparing the food, “plating” or setting the food on the scene, looking carefully close and arranging bits of nourishment for the ideal looking one, and at last changing the food on set to look perfectly, from building it, to showering it with water or oil, to utilizing tweezers to move around scraps, an eye dropper to eliminate fluid, and so on

Food Styling in a Restaurant and food photography Dubai

However, shouldn’t something be said about for a café shoot, where food is now prepared for you by the gourmet specialist and line cooks in the kitchen? Is there still a requirement for a food stylist?


It’s simply the job that shifts. Rather than testing a formula or purchasing goods, the food stylist is there to help with preparing the food.

The stylist will regularly work with both with the gourmet expert and the photographic artist – as kind of a go-between. She will take a gander at how the culinary specialist plates a dish, and either straightforwardly adjust it for the camera, or make ideas to the cook about how to “assemble” the dish, so it glances directly in the light and before the focal point.

At that point, when the dish is set before a food photographer in Dubai, the stylist will work with me to make acclimations to the scene, for example, with props, or cleaning a dish, moving a wanderer pea in a pasta dish or sprucing up meat or veggies, and so on The truth: plating for eating and plating for photography are various abilities – and only one out of every odd gourmet specialist has that comprehension of how to make food search appropriate for the camera. Furthermore, truly, it’s truly fine on the off chance that they don’t – so they can zero in on making the food taste great, and leave the looks to the stylist and photographic artist.

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