Learn to public speak and sell more

Learn to public speak and sell more

Many sales people listen to the audios and videos of other sales people quite often. If you are also among those, review some of the people whose tapes you own and listen to. Apart from they being great sales people, one thing that you will find common amongst them all is that they are all great public speakers. Public speaking skills are something that all sales people need to perfect in order to become better at their profession.

Public speaking is one of the biggest fears that people have and it is even true that in many cases a professional sales person is unable to come up in front of a group of people and give a presentation. Sales people have to speak to people every day. With every customer interaction, a sale person is public speaking no matter if it is just with one person or more. The more sales people get into communication with other people every day, the better they become with the art of their profession.

If you think about enrolling into public speaking courses in Dubai, most of them will teach you some of the following:

1) Managing the tone of your voice

2) Engaging with your audience, in an entertaining and pleasing manner

3) Organizing your thoughts and words to ensure that your message is clear to your potential client

4) Ensuring that your body language is in line with your message

These features are also part of many sales courses in Dubai as well. When you seek out for a public speaking course or a sales course for that matter, try to find one that allows video-taping yourself as you deliver messages. It is amazing to see your body language and delivery that is not aligned to what you actually wanted to say or do. Being able to critic yourself, will also ensure that you set your behavioral patterns in the future by remembering what you should or should not do.

The most important thing to remember is that what you learn in a public speaking course is not only good for giving presentations to large audiences but also for one to one interactions. The more fluent you become and the more you align your body language, vocal tones and delivery to what you mean to present, the more successful sales person you will eventually become.

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