Tips to determine a fraud or scam immigration consultant

Tips to determine a fraud or scam immigration consultant

Most of the immigration consultants who ask for the online appointments for consultation are the fraud or scam. This is the suspicious thing about them they don’t have any proper office setup to meet their clients. Here are the few useful tips by which you can determine the difference between the fraud and reliable immigration consultant.

Unofficial payment modes: Reliable immigration consultants have their company website where you have to register yourself first and then your application for Canada visit visa from Abu Dhabi can proceed. While the fraud immigration consultants don’t have any website, they only ask you through the any chat app and get the information form you. They ask you for the payments by using the unofficial payment modes. But a reliable immigration consultancy company has an official bank account by which they deal with the payments from their clients.

Strange email address: A specific domain related email address is used by the reliable immigration consultancy company. If you get an email from the strange email address, try to avoid opening such kind of emails because they can be sent from the scams or hackers to steal the personal information from your device.

Well defined documentation process: You have to sign the various documents for the further procedure of the immigration application for Dubai EB5 visa USA. The reliable immigration consultants will always give you the copy of the all the documents which you have signed. But, the fraud or scam consultants don’t provide you the signed documents copies. So, be aware from those scam immigration consultants.

Poor website content: Reliable immigration consultancy company have an authentic website with the useful and proper content on their website. They will have the links of their social media profiles on their website. They will have all the policies and term on their website about the immigration. But the fraud immigration consultant will have the poor website content. Their content will be copied from any other website, Their website will be poorly managed.

Online reviews: You can check the online reviews about the various immigration consultants in your area. You can browse the list of immigration consultants on the search engine and can get the reviews and feedbacks of the people who have ever worked with the immigration consultant. You can also find the reviews of the victims of the fraud consultants. You can find out the fraud consultants by using internet.

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