What is Biometric?

What is Biometric

Biometric in its simplest context means anything that has to do anything with the fingerprints of a human being. One of the major application of this modern technology that is the biometric is in the field of marking attendance. Biometric attendance system is now one of the most widely used methods of tracking the attendance and punctuality of the employees in almost every business sector. One of its counterparts is the time attendance machine.  In the realm of business, biometric time and attendance solutions have now become widespread for tracking the punctuality of personnel. Biometric systems for analyzing organization are simple to use, easy to install and track staff data.

This system of marking and tracking attendance through biometric has a lot of advantages that help run the affairs of any business organization very smoothly. In the traditional attendance system there were many loopholes of which the employees would make the use of that too very easily.  The primary benefit to having is that personnel are not clocked. Existing techniques included an identification sheet, a time meter and scanning the ID card. These methods provide an honorary method to be applied by workers, which reduces time stealing. With this method of marking attendance with fingerprint is very useful and effective since it also tracks and monitor the time at which each employee checked-in and also the time when each employee checked-out. This would ensure that each and every employee is working for the specific set of hours and nobody is trying to sneak out early to attend to some personal affairs.

How does biometric work?

In this article we aim to explain the whole procedure that goes behind the working of the biometric system. The scanners and the sensors that are used in this system are used to scan and verify the biometric that is the fingerprints of each and every employee, these biometric are then scanned and matched with the current data that is installed in the system to verify if the person who is checking in is actually an employee or not. After the biometrics match, the computer then notes down the exact time at which the staff member showed up to the office and marked his or her attendance in the biometric system. To keep this system of attendance in smooth it is very necessary to keep a sound record of all the employees in the office. This is because if there is any staff member whose data is not recorded in the system, then he or she would not be able to use that system of marking attendance. This is why it gets absolute crucial to have a sound record of all the people who are working in the office.

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